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Welcome to the world of professional Thai massage “Thai Crystal Massage Spa”.

Thai Crystal Massage Spa is not only a massage salon but it is a real oasis of recreation, where you’ll be able to experience the relaxing atmosphere of Asia, and restore your inner source of vitality.

At the Thai Crystal Massage Spa salon you’ll receive sincere care and real pleasure from spa procedures. Our masters are qualified specialists and true professionals in their field. They use an individual approach to the needs of each client.

You’ll find yourself in a cozy paradise corner, where you can have an excellent rest and restore your energy, beauty and health. Pleasant music, calm meditative melodies and scents of aroma oils will help relax, and professional masseurs will conduct procedures for you at the highest level possible.

You’ll be able to estimate an unforgettable pleasure and benefit from massage and procedures at out salon.

The time spent at our salon is sure to be one of the best and most pleasant moments of your life and your friends’ life.

What differs the Thai Crystal Massage Spa salon from others. Our advantages:

High quality of work.

Individual approach to each client.

Excellent prices.

Unforgettable atmosphere. The Thai Crystal Massage Spa salon is a real Thai island in Switzerland.

We are located in the very center of Montreux, on Place du Marche.

Five massage rooms.

We are concerned about the health of our clients, that’s why we watch over a 100% cleanliness of the rooms and equipment.

Pay your attention to the rules of etiquette at our salon:

1.Choose an appropriate time for a session beforehand and sign up for it beforehand, calling our number, or leaving an application through our form on the website.

2. If you sign up beforehand, you can choose an appropriate specialist.

3.In case you due to some reasons have to cancel a procedure, please let us know about it 2 hours before a session.

4.Please come 10-15 minutes before the beginning of a session, it will allow you to prepare comfortably for procedures. We will provide you with slippers, towels and disposable clothing!

5.We ask our clients to be punctual and not be late for the beginning of a session. If you are late, you cut the time of your session. Please value your time and the time of other visitors of our salon.

6.We advise you to abstain from abundant food. In case of alcoholic, drug intoxication, or indecent behavior, the administration of our salon has a right to refuse to serve you.

7.Please pay special attention to the list of contraindications. You can take it from the administrator of the salon. If you are ill, inform the administrator about it.

8.To create a relaxing atmosphere, please switch off a mobile telephone and other electronic devices during your visit to the salon. We ask you not to speak too loudly.

9.If you’ve chosen a session of the traditional Thai massage, put on a pyjamas we offer to you, and if it is oil massage, put on disposable underwear.

10.Those who wish to take a shower will find all necessary accessories (shampoo, gel and tower) in the cabin. When you are ready for a session of massage, call the ` master with the help of a bell. If you are suddenly ill or feel unpleasant sensations during the massage, inform the administrator or master about it. After the end of a massage session, you can relax in the recreation area, where you will be offered aromatic tea.

11.We earnestly ask you to inform us if you have an allergy to any things. At our salon we use only natural aromatic oils and other curative cosmetics that we bring from Thailand.

12.We will always meet your wishes, you can ask the master to pay special attention to certain or trouble zone.

13.Intimate services, including erotic massage ARE NOT PROVIDED at our salon. If the guest behaves indecently, then the master has a right to sтоp the procedure.

14.It is prohibited to smoke at the salon.

15.We value your opinion very much and will be glad to have any feedback. You can leave your review in the Reviews on the Site section, or in the visitors’ book which you can take from the administrator. We will be especially grateful to you if you leave your reviews on the Trip Advisor website.

Thank you for your understanding and respect for the clients and employees of our salon!

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